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Engulfing Pattern: Offering Great Money-Making Opportunity

Krishna Kedia
20-10-2018 13:34:08

Engulfing Pattern: Offering Great Money-Making Opportunity

The Indian stock market is far from perfect and the same is reflected in the actions of an Indian trader. We have come a long way from a ring-trading system to an electronic trading era which is probably one of the fastest in the entire world, however, some things never change and one of those is the mentality of an Indian trader to try and make money by going long and avoiding short positions. Not more than 5% of Indian trader are skilled in making money by going short as we are always looking for buying opportunities even in falling market. Since this has become a part of our trading personality, it is very difficult to change and owing to this our job of finding good buying opportunities becomes increasingly difficult.

Irrespective of all this, there are a number of trading strategies based on candlestick patterns that offer great short-term buying opportunities even in falling markets. One of those trading strategies is to try and capture Engulfing pattern which is normally formed at the end of a rally and offers good reversal trading opportunity. The best part about trading on Engulfing pattern is that we can capture good stocks that have taken severe beating and are now available at a bargain price. In addition to this the risk associated with such trades relatively low and the gain potential is huge.

All this may sound complicated, but the fact is that with the “Query Builder” offered by TraderGuide, anyone can achieve this with great ease. TraderGuide, in its web-based softwares, offers pre-loaded strategies such as Engulfing pattern, Piercing pattern, Hammer pattern and much more which a trader can use to his advantage. It is not limited to this as their traders have the liberty to design their own strategies as well in the “Query Builder”.

Following are the stocks that emerged on the Engulfing pattern strategy offered by TraderGuide: -

The following stocks may be the prime contenders to rise if the market shown any positive movement in the coming week.



The Query Builder performs many such backbreaking tasks on behalf of the trader and offers them with great money minting opportunities. To know more, visit www.traderguide.in and get a thorough look at our trading strategies and other tools such as Query Builder that will help you on your trading journey.

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  • Ganesh shinde
    20-10-2018 16:43:01

    Min funds rqu for ac

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