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Krishna Kedia
10-11-2018 13:09:35


There are hundreds of technical indicators available to a trader for both intraday and delivery based trading. Be it a general indicator or a proprietary one, the sole purpose of following an indicator is to generate positive trading results. A common misconception amongst traders is that the more complicated it is the better results it shall yield. This may not be true al the time as complexity of an indicator is not the measure of its performance. Big shot traders often advocate the usage of simple indicators and simple trading techniques as they tend to offer the best results in the longer run. A trader must not select an indicator as a part of his/her trading system based on its complexity or by the virtue of it being new to the trading world. The optimal way of deploying an indicator is to identify which indicator tends to work in a particular market scenario and let the result speak for itself.

One of the most prominent and widely used trading strategy, owing to its success over the period of time, is the SuperTrend crossover. The SuperTrend crossover strategy gives us the stocks that have just started their journey in either of the directions and ensures that the risk is kept at a minimum level. The SuperTrend crossover strategy offered by the TraderGuide in its web-based software (Smart-Trader +) offer ready results to traders to act upon and they can use it to the best of their advantage.

Following are the results that appeared on the SuperTrend crossover strategy: -


The aforementioned stocks may offer good trading opportunity to traders in the coming week. One can use other parameters such as Volume to shortlist a few stocks out of this bunch.

SuperTrend crosser is one such strategy that has survived the tests of time and as emerged as a good money making opportunity for one and all. A conservative trader can have a target of 2-3% and a more ambitious trader can have a positional target of 4-5% on the stocks that emerge on this strategy. A stop loss levels of 2% should be more than sufficient in this case.

One can visit www.traderguide.in to gain more information of SuperTrend crossover and add a significant tool in their trading arsenal.


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