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FAQ traderguide

What is traderguide.in?
traderguide.in is a website that provides you live charts, indicators, buy sell signals and stop loss signals. traderguide’s provides live buy sell and stop loss signal and gives proper entry point and exit point to the traders. Trader can make maximum profit using charts and indicator available on traderguide.in
Why should I use traderguide.in?
traderguide provides proper guidance to traders regarding how to trade in Indian stock market. traderguide.in gives buy sell and stop loss signal based on proper calculations of indicators and volume.
Is traderguide.in provides live data?
Yes, traderguide.in provides live 5 minutes snapshot data for NSE listed stocks.
How could I make decisions of buying & selling equity using traderguide.in?
traderguide.in gives live buy & sell signals for particular stock. These signals are based on the calculations of indicators. Trader can easily make decision of whether to buy a scrip or sell a scrip through traderguide’s live signals.
Does traderguide.in provide F & O data?
Yes, traderguide.in provides F & O data.
What is the minimum payment term if I subscribe for live data?
traderguide.in provides different types of live data product which starts from Rs.999.
Can I have access to EOD data if I purchase live data?
Yes, you can have access to EOD data if you purchase live data.
What is the base for the information provided on traderguide.in?
traderguide.in is based on proper calculations of technical indicators preformed by experts.
Can I get trial period for traderguide.in? If yes then for what period?
Yes, you can get traderguide.in for 3 days as trial version.
Is traderguide.in the official data vendors of NSE India?
Yes, traderguide.in is official data vendor of NSE India.
Can I get training for using traderguide.in software?
Yes, you can get videos on how to operator software from our site. You will get a phone call support from our expert.
Why there is pricing difference among various packs of traderguide.in?
traderguide.in provides different products with different features and that’s why price are different.
What is the success ratio of traderguide.in buy/sale signals? Can you provide historical data for this?
Success ratio of traderguide.in is around 70% to 80%. You can get all the historical data from our website
Can traderguide.in provide back testing of the data/signals from within your software?
Yes, traderguide.in provide back testing of the data/signals from within software
Can traderguide.in provide customized query builder to allow me to create my own queries and strategies?
Yes traderguide.in provides customized query builder to allow you to create your own queries and strategies. This is popularly known as Stock Screener.
How many indicators you have incorporated in your software?
traderguide.in provides almost all the major indicators including EMA, ATR, MACD etc.
Why should I book losses? Why can’t I hold the stocks even it is making loss?
traderguide.in provides clear signal of stop loss to protect your capital. traderguide.in prevent traders in making major loses. For any trader, it is essential to preserve their capital in order to stay live in trading. That is the reason why trader should book small loses.
What is the strategy for booking profits and loss in your software?
traderguide.in uses three target strategies at 0.5%, 1% ,1.5% and one stop loss strategies at 1%.
What is the meaning of arrows displayed in your software?
Here, blue arrow is for buy signal. Pink arrow is for sell signal.
What is the meaning of pin style images on your chart?
Pin style of blue colour shows three targets for buy call while, in style of pink colour shows three targets for sell signal. Pin style of yellow colour shows stop loss for the script.
I have purchase novice pack, why I can’t see the buy sale indicators window shown in your trial version?
traderguide.in provides all basic features in trial version. But if you want those signals after your trial period is expired you have to move to the upper level version of our product.
How many calls I will get in a particular day?
Calls frequency depends on market movement. We suggest to keep a specific number of scrip in order to prevent excessive calls.
Can I get SMS alerts?
Yes, you can get SMS alert from our product Alert Central.
Do you provide trading software / platform?
No, we don’t provide trading platform right now. We are in the process of tie up with some brokers to trader directly from our software’s Buy Sell signals.
Do you provide tips?
No, we do not provides tips for any Buy Sell trades.
I have made loss previously in stock market. Should I try again to invest in the stock market?
Yes you can invest in stock market using our software. Because our product is based on accurate calculations and provides buy sell signal based on that signal. Success ratio of traderguide.in is around 70% to 80%.

FAQ - Software Related Questions Segment

Why only 20 Scrip allowed in Smart Investor (EOD Based) Software?

There are about 1600 Scrip in market. Daily there is both side – upward and downward movement in all of these scrips. Regardless of market movements, individual scrips are moving upwards or downwards as per their individual characteristics.

Our Software, detects all the scrips available in the market. If you are allowed to get alert for all these scrips, the alert window will be overflowed, and there are chances of you getting non-potential calls. This may also lead to wrong or week decision making regarding trades in the market.

Technical team at traderguide.in firmly suggests that any or all traders should focus on highly selective scrips and choose only those scrips to make trades in the market.

We also like to add that you are always free to view all the scrips in the market through our unique "Scrip List" from View menu and take benefit of the buy/sell signals of all the available scrips in entire NSE.

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