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8349.35      -85.75 -1.02%


18820.80      -303.45 -1.59%
ACC 1326.45 (-2.54%) Link
Symbol     LTP Chng%
RUCHISOYA 27.20   + 13.10
BHUSANSTL 50.05   + 9.40
KRBL 344.85   + 4.55
TEXRAIL 111.25   + 3.78
HAVELLS 401.20   + 3.47
Symbol     LTP Chng%
ADANIPOWER 34.35    -11.35
MRPL 100.60    -7.49
SINTEX 82.70    -7.49
AXISBANK 450.75    -6.83
JISLJALEQS 89.05    -6.11
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Technical Analysis Software traderguide

We at traderguide fully realize that to trade in stocks, customers must have access to best tools to make research on stock trading as they must know the latest details about the stocks that they wish to invest in. These tools will also help then to take better investment decision even if it is required at a quicker pace. This is why we offer our clients the best and advancedtechnical analysis software that will help our clients get the most updated data about the trends and changes in the stock market in India. This software will also provide the users with volatility reports, watch lists and quote streams to help people decide on the best stocks in the market.

Technical Analysis Software, Stock Analysis Software, Stock Screener - Technical Analysis Software TraderGuide - works in real time and it offers the status of the stock market at the end of the day.

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